Center for Gambling Studies (CGS) is an academic organization which conducts research on gambling to create knowledge and knowledge management within the economic, political, social and cultural context of Thailand. CGS aims to publish the information and push forward measures and developed mechanisms which could control the problems from gambling. 

  1. Support the development of research which create knowledge on concerning and watching out problems of gambling, and propose the appropriate measures and managerial mechanisms to cope with the problems.
  2. Support local, national, and international networks, and develop the potential of researchers and scholars continuously
  3. Support various knowledge management plans which conform to various groups of people efficiently and effectively.
  1. Develop knowledge for controlling and managing problem gambling. The knowledge would be analysed and synthesized to construct policies and measures which could limit demand, reduce supply and reduce the impacts of the problem gambling.
  2. Encourage new researchers, both the university researchers and the independent researchers, including network communities. Create networks and advance the researchers to be up to the dynamic and currently developed situation of gambling.
  3. Collect and collaborate the information about gambling studies, including the knowledge from research and from the experience of Thailand and other countries. CGS aims to publicize the information to agitate the public awareness about the important impacts of problems from gambling.
  1. Construct the system of knowledge by supporting the research on gambling situation watch; research on policies, measures and legal development in which we can regulate and control gambling from the supply side; research on the behaviour and psychology of gamblers; research on social control of communities; research on campaigning the issues, cultivating public understanding, seeking the appropriate campaigns and suitable methods of publicization which could reach the various risk groups; research on the social norms transformations which denormalize the public awareness about gambling, these would diminish demand and the following problems from gamble playing. Furthermore, CGS plans to subsidize scholarships for theses and dissertations on gambling studies, and subsidize the urgent research which push forward the policies and the social movement of network alliances.
  2. Construct network of research by developing connection among academic institutions and organizations in various sectors. Develop connection among the scholars including the university scholars in various study fields and local researchers in the communities, and develop the network and the potential of researchers.
  3. Organize and publicize the information collected from various sources. Develop database system, and analyse and summarize the information to be easy to understand and publish on our website and printing media. Furthermore, we plan to produce the active media supporting policies and social movement of alliances, and organize seminars, such as annual academic seminars, and support seminars in the work areas of alliances which could induce the communities' network to apply the knowledge to solve their problems.
  4. Administer Center for Gambling Studies to be the center of knowledge management and the publisher of the information, and conduct the activities including administration, monitoring and evaluating the internal performance of CGS.